Using PBNs to Market Your Product Online

There is much discussion on the internet about PBNs and their effectiveness. Some people are of the opinion that there are some great benefits associated with them but some others claim that they are a complete waste of time and money. What is really important to look at is whether one is actually better off using a PBN or not. Will using a PBN actually save me money over the long term? This article will take a look at both questions and I will conclude with my personal opinion.


Before I begin my review, I want to clear something up, PBNs do have a purpose, they are not for static websites that do not change. That would be like a dentist saying teeth are bad and will not be taken care of therefore refuse to treat them! It does not exactly inspire confidence in an individual s abilities when they refuse to acknowledge facts simply because they do not like the subject. However, whether we choose to employ PBNs themselves or not, must at least know how they work as this will all be at an advanced stage and we may be faced with competitors using them as well. If you are spending your advertising budget on static websites then you may as well use a PBN. Now, on to my review of the effectiveness of a PBN.

A PBN is a very simple thing, which basically stands for Private Non Commercial Website. It is a domain name that a person can register for a small fee which basically means that there is no guarantee that anyone else will use the exact same name. The advantage of this is that a PBN gives you a private space to advertise your product and/or website. Basically, if you want to advertise a car and you want to use the words car and vehicle, then you will be restricted to using either the words automobile or car without using the PBN. Therefore, if you want to advertise cars, then you could either use the words auto and car or auto website but not both. Also, if you want to advertise a website that sells products and/or services then you can register both the words products and services or the word products website but not both.