Search Engines – How They Work?

If you are into online business, it will help a lot if you know more about search engines and how they work. A search engine is basically a software program that is designed to perform web searches based on keywords or terms. They search the World Wide Web for specific information defined in a given textual query. There are two types of search engines in use on the internet:

search engines

The most popular search engines are known as the Google and Yahoo search engines. They search either the text based or the graphical webpages in the search query. When web pages are indexed by these search engines, it means that they have been found and are able to be read. This is usually good news for the website owner because he/she gets to potentially have more number of targeted visitors. These web pages are normally crawled periodically by search engines to make sure that new relevant results are being shown when a search query is entered.

Search engines mainly use two sets of algorithms to index web pages. One is called the query-term indexing algorithm and the other is called the content-indexing or title-string-string matching algorithms. These two sets of algorithms determine how search engines can present to a web page search results. In essence, SEO services companies have to make sure that their client’s website is indexed by these engines. Otherwise, their client would not be listed on these search engines.