How To Use Google My Business To Boost Your Small Business Marketing

Google My Business is an easy to use and free tool for small to mid-size businesses and organizations to manage all of their online presence on Google, such as Search and Maps. To help consumers find your small business, and in order to tell them about your company, you can post your personal profile and also update your organization details. You can add photos, videos, and even text. Google My Business lets you upload files from your own computer as well as from a URL provided by your hosting provider.

google my business

The Google My Business option works in conjunction with Google’s directory of local businesses, which provides consumers with a list of businesses in your area that are already established. The listing features categories based on location, so if you’re an international business searching for a brick and mortar office, the results page will show you businesses in your immediate geographical area. You can browse the directory or search for specific types of businesses, such as office cleaning or medical supplies. You can sort the listing by category or keyword to locate listings closer to home. When you’re ready to post your small business listing, there are a few quick steps you’ll need to take.

The first step is to upload your company profile, which you’ll need to do to add and edit business attributes. Once your profile has been updated, updating your company attributes will update the Google map, which will allow customers searching for your company to see where your address is. Adding your phone number and physical address is optional. Once you’ve added your listing, you’ll need to select a color for your icon and description, and then select a background color. You can change these attributes by right-clicking the description, selecting “aterial,” and then clicking the “aterial changes” link.