How Google Maps SEO Is Valuable For Local SEO?

Local SEO, or search engine optimization for local businesses, is quickly becoming one of the most popular strategies for maximizing web traffic for local businesses. When people are searching for a local business close to them, they usually first go to Google Maps, and search for one nearby. They will then type in some local term, such as “big city”, and Google will produce several results, all based on that word.

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Google, like other search engines, sees the value in providing its users with plenty of relevant search results, so they’ve put together the local 3-pack. Google will then produce a list of 3 businesses, called the local SEO 3-pack, which best fit the search query. People who receive results from the search engine query will then be shown the business’s website, which is optimized for the searched term. The resulting websites will include the business’s Google Places page, which link back to the actual site, and the local SEO keyword tool, which enable online businesses to research keywords that will drive their local SEO traffic.

Another important factor in generating local traffic is by using reviews to boost the website’s ranking. Reviews written by real customers help the business get a higher ranking with Google and therefore become more visible to potential customers. Review sites such as Yelp have become very valuable to the small, medium, and large business owners online. If the review sites can provide enough information about the product or service, or credible third-party references, it can increase the website’s ranking, thus helping to increase traffic and ultimately increase sales. Google Maps SEO works to help the customer find the business quickly, making it easy for the customers to turn to the map to find their way around town.